About The Songwriter

Jon Campos, a singer and songwriter composed, arranged, and performed all musical selections on the thirteen tracks of the CD which accompanies the book, Sleeping With An Angel. He has performed and toured throughout the United States, Hawaii, and Japan, He attended the Cincinnati Conservatory School of Music, the Guitar Institute in Atlanta, and the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles. He is the son of Roger A. Campos, the Author of the book.

About The Author

Roger A. Campos grew up in Modesto, California and then moved to Washington, D.C. after graduating from law school. He has worked for several federal government agenies including the White House's Office of Management & Budget. After leaving government service, he now specializes in governmental relations. He graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara and earned his law degree from United States International University (California Western campus) in San Diego, California. He is the father of singer and songwriter, Jon Campos.

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