Confessions of a Washington Lobbyist

Roger Campos will take your listeners on an incredible tour through the secret doorway of American politics, and give them an inside look at the sometimes seedy side of law making and breaking. He reveals how anyone with an agenda can simply plop money down on a table and buy his way into a meeting with some of the most powerful men in the world, and how, in Washington, it's all about whom you know and not about what you know.

He will share his own personal story of descending into the "smoke and mirror" world of money, power, and politics, and his ultimate redemption.

Campos will reveal:

  • The wildest scandals of the twentieth century.

  • How the real power players in Washington are those you never hear about or see.

  • How as a young man he was caught up in the fast money and loose women cycle that permeates American politics.

  • Strategies ordinary citizens can use to be more effective with their Congressmen

CREDENTIALS: Roger A. Campos received his law degree from United States International School of Law and has worked for several federal agencies including the White House Office of Management and Budget. After leaving government service, he now specializes in governmental relations. He is the author of Sleeping with an Angel: A Rock Novel, St. John's Press.

Jon Campos is a successful singer and songwriter who has performed throughout the United States and Japan. He composed, arranged, and performed all musical selections on the 13 track CD, which accompanies the book, Sleeping With An Angel. They are the first father and son team to produce a "rock novel" with music soundtrack.

AVAILABILITY: D.C., Virginia, Maryland, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone.

CONTACT: St. John's Press, 410 362-4347

Reprinted With Permission RTIR Mid December 2000

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